Simple Winter Battery Storage Tips for Your Jet Ski

Battery StorageThere is nothing worse than a dead watercraft battery come spring time because you didn’t take the time to properly winterize your battery. In this article I am going to share some simple winter battery storage tips so you can avoid having to purchase a new jet ski battery come spring when it’s time to ride.

Typically, most jet ski owners take the time to winterize your jet ski but they forget to to properly maintain their battery over the winter months. Heck, some folks just leave the battery in the jet ski with hopes that it will turn over first thing come spring.Take the time and avoid buying another $100 battery next spring buy following my winter battery storage tips below.

Proper Battery Storage Tips

Lets start by disconnecting your battery from your Jet Ski. Take off both the positive and negative battery cables. Some Jet Ski’s draw a little power even when they’re not in use (we call that “vampire power”), and a minor energy drain coupled with the battery’s self-discharge rate will accelerate the battery’s discharge. In non techy language, that means the battery may run out of charge faster if you leave it connected.

I recommend taking the battery out of your jet ski and keeping it in a garage or storage facility where the temperature never falls below freezing during the winter. If this isn’t possible bring the battery inside. If you are going to store the battery inside, lets say in your basement, place the battery on a piece of wood or tile. Never leave the battery sitting on the concrete floor. Another suggestion might be to use a battery storage case inside the home.

Overton'sThere are essentially two types of watercraft batteries, Non-Sealed and Sealed. Non-Sealed batteries will have caps on the top of the battery you can take off to check the acid levels. The Sealed batteries don’t.

Always, check the battery terminals and the battery itself for any types of cracks or bulging. If you find any deformations to the battery its time to replace it. With Non-Sealed batteries visually check the acid level by twisting the caps off. The acid level should be between the upper and lower lines on the front of the battery. If necessary fill each cell with water and twist the caps back on tightly, don’t over tightened.

After visual inspection, clean the battery. If you notice any corrosion on the battery terminals clean with a mixture of baking soda and water with a wire brush, rinse with clear water and wipe dry. This will prevent an further corrosion build up.

Proper Battery Storage Tips – Charging

As with all power sports batteries it’s a good idea to keep a charge on your battery especially during the winter storage months. The easiest way to test your batteries charge is with a voltmeter. Using the voltmeter your battery should maintain a charge of at least 12.6 volts (12v battery) and 6.3 volts (6v battery). Absolute battery storage MUST!

A good rule of thumb is to charge your watercraft battery at least once a month during winter battery storage. An unused battery can deteriorate faster than one that is used (recharged) regularly. As a battery sits, the chemicals inside it react, causing it to self-discharge. Depending on battery type and temperature, the rate of self-discharge varies. Maintain a charge monthly to lengthen the life of the battery.

Battery StorageTo maintain this charge you will need a battery charger. Now keep in mind different batteries use different chargers. Since we are working with a 12v sealed battery my choice is the “Battery Tender Plus”. This charging unit is perfect for your charging needs.

If you follow these simple battery storage tips during the winter months, come spring you will be happy you did when your baby fires up from a strong fully charged watercraft battery.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, Ride to Win …

Galen Morgigno – Colorado Jet Ski Riders Club


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  • Thanks for the tip about how to store the batteries of our jetties during the winter. We have a couple that we just bought last summer. Now that the weather is too cold to use them I’ve been looking up tips for proper storage. I’ll have to remember to keep them in our garage. Thanks again for the tips!

    • Galen Morgigno
      3 years ago

      Logan, thanks for the visit Mate!!. I am glad you found this article useful. Ride Safe …

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