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good quality contentDoes your blog provide quality content to it’s readers? The success of your brand, your home based business or your marketing blog online can depend on the quality of your content. Content is the lifeblood of your blog articles, newsletters, article marketing campaigns and more. Typically you can choose to write the majority of your blog content yourself, which I strongly suggest that you do, especially on the sites where you’re trying to establish yourself as an authority.

I have listed some options below that will help you to create quality content for your website without having to write all of it yourself. Some you can just edit and use. The difference in the options below is that you become the expert, rather than endorsing someone else as the expert.

When looking for resources, you have several options. I personally recommend the following suggestions to add a variety of unique relevant quality content to your website.

I’ll start with a few of my favorites…

Outsource for Quality Content

good quality contentHire a good Ghostwriter or Copywriter. A ghostwriter is a freelancer who writes for you (typically articles or reports), but you take the credit. A copywriter specializes in writing copy that sells, and you usually take the credit. There are many sites on the internet where you can find writers.

I suggest looking at Upwork, Elance or even go to Having a ghostwriter on hand can keep your blog fresh and active. It might cost you a few bucks but time is worth money, right?

Stock Up on Private Label Rights Articles

Private Label RightsPLR articles stands for private label rights articles. PLR articles are usually written by a ghostwriter and sold to several website owners. This means that you (and a limited number of other bloggers) can edit the articles and publish them without being required to link back to anyone or give anyone credit for writing them. You become the expert when using PLR articles.

Customize the articles, tweak them for your market, insert examples or photos or case studies and publish them on your website — or just use them as they are. Either way, you gain a lot of flexibility when working with private label rights articles. Not only that but they are very affordable.

Free Reprint Articles on Article Directories

Article directories like, and are packed with quality content articles that you can reprint on your site. The only requirements are that you do not edit the article in any way and that you include the author’s resource box (or bio) at the end including the link or two that the author has included to his/her website.

The only reason I am listing this here is to use this as a resource more than just free content for your site. Be creative, show what others are doing in relation to your niche. Posture yourself as an expert. It can be a win-win situation.

WARNING – There are some things to think about when using this type of content!

  • First is the issue of duplicate content. You’re sharing the same exact articles as everyone else that uses that directory. This is not a big deal at all if you’re using the article in your ezine, obviously, since duplicate content is only an issue with the search engines. It’s also not a huge issue for your blog or website, as long as you write an introduction to the article, and preferably a wrap-up statement or recommendation at the end.
  • Second is the very difficult issue of finding quality content. Gone are the days of grabbing any old free reprint article. You want Expert Content only – and many of the article directories have “poor quality content” articles.
  • Third is the issue of posting the author links in the author resource box. You’re basically advertising for someone else for free.

So, out of these three suggestions my favorite for good quality content is using PLR Articles over the other two. With PLR articles I can tweak them to my own flavor and I don’t have to wait on a ghostwriter. With ghost writers you might have to go through several writers to find one you like along with a good price per article. Remember sometimes good quality content has a price.

Find a Good Quality Content PLR Service

quality contentFind a PLR site that’s been around for awhile and offers professionally-written and edited content that’s sold in limited quantities. That will ensure that you’re not getting recycled PLR, but are getting your hands on top-quality content. My recommendation for a good private label rights provider is EASYPLR.COM.

They have been offering the best niche PLR article packs on the internet since 2006. They have a great reputation and thousands of repeat customers. As a matter of fact I am a EasyPLR customer and I highly recommend their content for your home based business.

As I mentioned before, I strongly suggest that you do write much of your own content. Be original, be resourceful and be honest to your audience. Transparency is the name of the game.

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