Jeep Ice Racing A Long Standing Tradition in Colorado

Jeep Ice RacingThe Colorado high country winter is coming and it’s time to get ready for some jeep ice racing. Extreme thrill seekers and outdoor adventurers flock to Georgetown Colorado to take on the ICE and the jeep ice racing challenge.

Jeep ice racing has been around since the early 1930s and has become more increasing in popularity with Colorado winter fun thrill seekers. Every year jeep ice racing starts in Colorado around mid to late December and runs through mid February.

One of the most popular locations for this extreme sport is Georgetown, Colorado. Ice racing at Georgetown has been around for three decades and has attracted drivers from around the world.

The vehicle of choice to race on the lake is either a Jeep 4×4 or an all wheel drive vehicle, AWD. Both types of non street legal and street legal vehicles are used. It’s interesting to see the different types of setups in vehicles, tires and suspension systems and classes.

In this first video, courtesy of “Our Gang Ice Racing – YouTube Channel” the gang explains what jeep ice racing is all about.

In this following video, you can see for yourself what it is like to race across the ice ….

Colorado Winter Fun | Jeep Ice Racing

Thanks to Josh McGuckin for that clip!

Wow!! Is that extreme or what?

Living in Colorado is an extreme thrill seekers backyard. From summer to winter the adventures are endless. It’s no wonder thousands flock to Colorado to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and the front range. It’s even better if you live here!

Winter Jeep Ice Racing Starts Now!

Now that your excited to check out jeep ice racing at Georgetown, visit the website of “Our Gang Ice Racing“.

Jeep Ice RacingThese guys are responsible for putting on the races at Georgetown. Most weekend races will start around 9:30am. Spectators are admitted for free. If you interested in competing visit the Our Gang website which has all the information you need for the upcoming 2015 jeep ice racing season.

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