How to Write an Article Using Attraction Marketing

attraction marketingThe idea in attraction marketing is to attract people with something that is powerful and intriguing, draw them in, and provide a solution to whatever problem they may have. 

In Today’s blog post I am going to share my secret attraction marketing formula for attracting people to YOU like Bees to Honey when you write an article. Position yourself as someone who understands the problems others are having, because you have been there, and how you can help.

Before you start to write an article, ask yourself how you can write something that is powerful, absolutely real and will provide a solution to what your target market wants. The answer to this question is quite simple, use your own story!

You see, it’s quite simple. Let’s take me for example.

Two years ago I was struggling in my home based business and I turned to the Internet looking for ways to generate more MLM leads for my business. Just like many other network marketers I was frustrated and looking for a way to make my business work.

Long story short, I was introduced to the concept of attraction marketing and an attraction marketing system. Within a couple of weeks I was generating MLM leads, within a month I was making extra cash from affiliate sales and I had created my first network marketing blog.

Now, how many others, do you think, in the network marketing industry are turning to the Internet looking for solutions to the same problems?

Hundreds of Thousands are looking for solutions …

The Attraction Marketing Formula

attraction marketingUsing my attraction marketing formula I found it easier to write an article, share my story and provide solutions to my followers and readers.

Here are the 3 basic components that I use:

  • How I…
  • Got this Specific Result…
  • And Did it in Such a Way that Wasn’t Ridiculously Difficult

How simple is that? Pretty simple I would say …

Now, the first question or statement I always hear from newbies is “What If I Don’t Have A Story or Any Results”? If you don’t have an amazing result or story that is at the same time HONEST, REAL and TRUTHFUL, then go create one.

Listen, I’m just telling the truth here. I didn’t have a story either until I took action, believed in myself and made the mental shift towards achieving my own dreams and desires.

There’s nothing more powerful than getting serious about something and becoming purely focused on accomplishing that task. So, if there is no story today, if you get to work, you’ll have the story tomorrow.

attraction marketingHere’s a great example: Let’s say you are marketing some type of weight loss product or weight loss routine, the best thing you could do would be to BE the story. I can’t tell you how many people I personally know who have, lost tons of weight in a short period of time, and then used their own personal story to market that business.

Before I was here, and now look where I am… 

That can be huge in attracting people to you.  And, you could very easily take the premise of this and use it any literally any context, whether it be about making money, generating MLM leads, firing your boss, sponsoring a bunch of people, winning a bonus trip, or anything else you can think of.

There is no limit as to what you can do and write about when you apply the principles of attraction marketing in your life and your business.

Give Me 5 minutes of your time to learn how you can make the quantum shift to attracting more people to YOU using Attraction Marketing … Click HERE Now!!


Until Next Time … Build Today For A Better Future Tomorrow!!

attraction marketing

attraction marketing

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Galen Morgigno is an Entrepreneur specializing in leveraging and combining lucrative opportunities in the Home-Based-Business Industry and the Internet. Galen Morgigno

6 thoughts on “How to Write an Article Using Attraction Marketing

  1. Kabenlah Cudjoe

    After reading this post,the question I continue to ask myself is,Are my articles magnetic enough to attract those magnetic files in the form of readership? And I guess the answer can be determined by the reader.

  2. MLM Resource Center


    This is some great advice on how to write articles and blog posts using attraction marketing. I try to do the same thing myself. It’s important to think like your reader and try to solve their challenges and problems by using a story.

    Great post.

    1. Galen Morgigno Post author

      Hey Chuck, from one blogger to another … you are correct. It took me a while to get the attraction marketing thing, but when you do things will change. Learn … take action … help others!! As always thank you for your comments and taking the time out of your daily schedule to do so. :)

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