Gano Excel Review – I Don't Drink Coffee$

Gano Excel Review- A Wellness Company with a New Coffee Twist!

gano excel reviewIf you are reading this article right now chances are your doing some research on the Gano Excel International network marketing company and you found this Gano Excel Review. Now there are lots of other reviews and articles claiming that Gano Excel is a pyramid scheme or a scam.

I would recommend you read the rest of this article especially if you want to became a distributor and create some kind of financial freedom and a better lifestyle for your future.

The aim of this Gano Excel Review is to provide you information about this company, their products, their leadership, their marketing system and, obviously, how to win in this company.

Gano Excel Review?

The Gano Excel company is positioned in the health and wellness industry and has been in business since 1995. The company was founded by Mr. Leow Soon Seng, Mr. Lew Soon Kiak and Mr. Ooi Kheng Seng. The company has a world wide distributor base in 60 countries reaching nearly 5 million consumers.

gano excel review Gano Excel International is a private business located in Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. Gano Excels primary product is its supplements, coffee beverages and health food products, which takes the nutritional value from the Ganoderma lucidum Mushroom where it has been used as a medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years, making it one of the oldest mushrooms known to have been used in medicine. The company has the only growing and processing plant in the world where it harvest’s six specific varieties of the Ganoderma Lucidum Mushrooms distinct for their therapeutic properties.

In This Gano Excel ReviewCan you make MONEY ?

The Gano Excel compensation plan is based on the traditional binary system, left leg and a right leg, with five ways to earn commissions: Direct Sales, Fast Start Bonuses, Team Commissions, Executive Check Matching and Pool Bonuses. Unfortunately this particular compensation plan with its bonuses, in my opinion, is hard to make money from unless you have a huge downline on both legs by recruiting some heavy hitting network marketers.

gano excel review

To get started as an affiliate with Gano simply submit an application with your $25 enrollment fee. Once enrolled you can then choose from 1 of 3 executive success packs which will give you the adequate inventory to promote your business as well as maximize your earning potential. The ESP pack prices are; $195, $495 and $995. In order to stay qualified and receive commissions you will need to maintain a monthly auto ship of 50 PV (personal volume purchased).

Is Gano Excel A Good Business Opportunity?

As you have seen in this Gano Excel Review, the company certainly has stood the test of 10 years time in the direct sales industry. It’s obvious that the leadership, the unique products and the compensation plan are the keys to this companies long history and staying power.

This organization will provide you with really good products as well as the help of the leaders and the quality of the leadership but dont be naive, even if you have stunning help you literally have to understand one thing. Your success depends on your ability to sell the company, their products and even yourself. Its your ability to sponsor people and to create an activity that will give you your financial freedom. I strongly recommend you take the time to learn the fundamentals of Attraction Marketing and learn the marketing strategies to sponsor like top earning network marketers.

If you want to learn how top online marketers build large teams and attract quality team members, click on the link below to get your Gano Excel Business rocking and rolling. I will see you on the other side …

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My Gano Excel Business Opportunity Now!

Remember To … Live Life by Design,

Galen Morgigno

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