Where Can You Find Content for Your Blog

Troubles finding content for your blog?

Content for Your BlogThe number one question a lot of novice marketing bloggers ask is: How do I find content for my blog? This always seems to be a constant struggle for newbies. But it doesn’t have to be. In this article I am going to share with you some simple tips to find content for your blog. Follow along and use my secrets to eliminate some of the struggle you might be having.

Tips for Finding Content for Your Blog

Tip #1 – Visit other blogs in your niche. If your new to blogging and online marketing, take some time and search out other marketing bloggers blogs. See what other marketers in your niche are blogging about. This is a great way to find content for your blog ideas.

Tip #2 – Every day experiences. What’s happening in your business world on a daily basis? Maybe you had an interesting conversation with someone in your marketing niche or maybe you got an objection you had never encountered before. How about something you like to do for enjoyment? Do you have a hobby? Maybe you like to jet ski. Share those experiences.

Tip #3 – What have you learned lately? Maybe you are reading a book related to your marketing niche. Perhaps you attended a training webinar or watched a training video. Write a blog post about it. Share some tips and how it helped you.

How To – Content for Your Blog

content for your blogTip #4 – Write a “How To” blog post. How to blog posts are a great way to get traffic. Maybe you generated more leads using Facebook Pay Per Click, or perhaps you sponsored a new rep into your home based business after applying some techniques you learned in a training. Your “How To” options are endless as a way to find content for your blog.

Tip #5 – The News! Current news is a great source for content. You can find news stories related to your marketing niche or other interests.

Tip #6 – Answer Questions. What questions do you find other marketers asking? What questions were you asking when you started marketing your business online? Look for the questions and write a blog post providing the answers. The more questions you answer, the more valuable you become!Content for Your Blog

Tip #7 – Private Label Rights (PLR). Another great source to find content for your blog is private label rights. You can purchase the rights to content written by another author. Be careful when using PLR’s. Just don’t copy and paste the article into a post on your website. More than likely you will need to rewrite the article using your own style and flair.

Blogging is a great way to gain a following and build a list, but it can be difficult. Use the sources above to produce an endless stream of content for your blog!

PS. – Now it’s your turn…

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