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Breaking Bad

AMC Breaking Bad – I Got Hooked

Normally, I don’t write about TV shows but I will say it “I got Hooked on Breaking Bad” and I...

Winter Battery Storage

Simple Winter Battery Storage Tips for Your Jet Ski

There is nothing worse than a dead watercraft battery come spring time because you didn’t take the time to properly...

Business Partner

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Business Partner

Are you considering going into business with a business partner? Most people that start a business partnership together typically have...

Winterize Your Jet Ski

How to Winterize Your Jet Ski

Simple Steps to Winterize your Jet Ski For most folks the jet ski season has ended and now its time...

GM.Lake Havasu City

5 Reasons to Visit Lake Havasu City Arizona

Warm weather, beautiful homes, unlimited amounts of water, beautiful sunsets are just a few of the words I would use...

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