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Breaking BadNormally, I don’t write about TV shows but I will say it “I got Hooked on Breaking Bad” and I had to share some of the shows moments over the course of a 5 year run. Now don’t call me late to the party but I didn’t find out about this show until as of late. Honestly, about 2 months ago. OK so I am a little behind in sharing, talking about, raving, ranting, over the edge, hanging on the edge of the seat show this has turned out to be.

It’s possible for most of you that read this article that you have already heard about Breaking Bad or have seen the entire series. If you have feel free to add your comments below after you read the rest of this article.

Now I am not a critic by no means but I know a good show after the first couple of episodes. Not unlike the Sons of Anarchy, another favorite show of mine, every episode leaves you wanting more. It’s like it just keeps sucking you in to the point that you can’t wait for the next episode.

With actors like Bryan Cranston, Anna Gun, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris and writing by Vince Gilligan it’s no wonder that this TV series has become one of the biggest Emmy award winners of all time.

Breaking Bad – AMC TV Series

To Start, let’s take a look at the Seasons 1-5 Trailer.

OK, so that was a bit short but I think you can see how this can suck you in and next thing you know you have sat through 5 seasons of intense drama writing at it’s best.

Now lets take a look at the trailer for Breaking Bad, Season 1- Episode 1.

Wow, could that be more intense? I don’t think so. It’s no wonder that this AMC TV Series is a smash hit.

Next is the trailer for the beginning of Season 5 with a nice recap of Season 4.

Bam, PaPow!!

Oh man how the plot thickens. Or should that be chickens, How the plot chickens. Ok, never mind. LOL!

Breaking Bad has become one of the all time TV favorites for me and that says a lot as I am not a big TV fan. Another story, another time, another place. Anyway, as I was saying it takes a lot from a TV show to capture my attention let alone keep me coming back for more year after year. Sort of like the days of old with shows like Dallas, Sex and The City and The West Wing.

By now if you haven’t seen the full series of Breaking Bad you can watch the show online for free. That’s what I did. Why pay the big channel conglomerates any more money than they deserve if at all. Yada Yada Yada ….

Like I said for free … CLICK HERE NOW

But before you watch the next video, if you haven’t seen the ending, then drop a comment below and don’t spoil it for yourself.


Breaking Bad, Enjoy the Show!!

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