5 Reasons to Visit Lake Havasu City Arizona

lake havasu city

Warm weather, beautiful homes, unlimited amounts of water, beautiful sunsets are just a few of the words I would use to describe Lake Havasu City Arizona. If you have never been to this Oasis in the desert than you need to put it on your bucket list.

If you haven’t discovered this beautiful city with endless amounts of fun than read on as we look at 5 reasons to visit Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Built on the edge of the Colorado River Lake Havasu was formed in the late 1930’s. Back then the lake was known for it’s fishing and tranquil beauty. In the early 60’s Randall McCulloch and Bob Milacki started to develop Havasu and in 1971 McCulloch purchased the London Bridge and moved it to Havasu.

Located on the Arizona/California border Lake Havasu City is 3 hours south of Las Vegas and about 5 hours east of Los Angeles.

Lake Havasu Living Magazine

Lake Havasu City – Warm Weather

Lake Havasu CityLake Havasu and the southwestern Arizona desert is known for it’s warm to very hot weather. It’s now doubt that temperatures can range form 60 degrees in the winter months to 100 degrees and more in the summer and fall months.

Lake Havasu City – Outdoor Activities

Lake Havasu is also known for it’s outdoor activities. People flock to the shores of Lake Havasu to enjoy the water and all that comes with it. It’s not uncommon to find large cigarette boats, yacht boats, pontoon barges, fishing boats and personal watercraft on the Colorado River at Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu CityEvery year you can find all types of water sport competition events ranging from the IJSBA World Jet ski Finals, the Desert storm Boat Races, the Mark Hahn PWC Endurance Race and more.

You can also find other outdoor activities such as: scuba diving, hiking, golfing, gaming, bird watching and fishing.

Lake Havasu City – London Bridge

Londong bridge

London Bridge from the west

The London Bridge is one of Arizona’s biggest visitor attractions. It was designed in 1799 by Scottish engineer John Rennie and opened in 1831, spanning the River Thames in London, England.

By 1924, it was evident that the bridge was sinking, as it had not been designed to withstand the impact of 20th century automotive traffic. In 1967, the City of London placed the bridge up for sale.

On April 18, 1968, the winning bid went to Lake Havasu City founder Robert McCulloch for $2,460,000. Each block was meticulously numbered before the bridge was disassembled. The blocks were then shipped overseas to California and trucked to Lake Havasu City, where the bridge was reconstructed and rededicated in a ceremony on October 10, 1971.

Here is a short video on the history of the London Bridge at Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City – Real Estate

The Lake Havasu City area real estate market is very healthy and sales are up, as are prices. The real estate market is in better shape than it’s been since 2007. Lake Havasu City real estate remains a relative bargain, particularly in light of tighter demand in other parts of the Arizona and the rest of the United States.

Lake Havasu City – PWC Capital of the World

Dubbed the “Personal Watercraft Capital of the World,” Lake Havasu City sits on the shores of the Colorado River and is one of the Southwest’s premier locations for water sports. Two of the premiere watercraft events held at Lake Havasu are the IJSBA Jet Ski World Finals held in October and the Mark Hahn Endurance 300 Race held in February.

Here is a clip of the 2014 Mark Hahn Endurance Race

2014 World Jet Ski Finals Video

Lake Havasu City – Arizona

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